File Content Finder

Search your files by contents, not just by names!

File Content Finder is a desktop app for searching in file contents. It is a must have tool for the modern knowledge worker.

Do you have heaps of documents in different formats? Did you ever want to search across all of them to find the rigth contract or research paper? File Content Finder has got you covered. It is the perfect tool for academics, educators, administrators, and other knowledge workers.

Unlike most other search programs, which only search by file names, it can inspect the actual content of many popular documents and works in real time without indexing.

File Content Finder supports the following file formats:

File Content Finder has advanced filtering capabilities so you can optimise your search and find quickly the right document.

To speed up the process, you can filter out files by type, creation and last modification date, and more. Multiple scripts and languages like Russian Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese and others are supported out of the box.

The app also supports network file shares (e.g. SMB, FTP, AFP) if they are mounted as volumes. On Mac, for example, using the top menu navigate to Go -> Connect to Server..., Then enter the server address and credentials. The network share will appear in Finder as a Volume and will be selectable from the app.

Stay tuned for more demos and tutorials. Until then, feel free to email us for any inquiries.