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Geo Systems Dev PTY LTD is a niche software development studio. We deliver simple single-purpose applications to save you time.


File Content Finder

Our pilot product File Content Finder is all about powerful and hassle free file search. It is a must have tool for the modern knowledge worker.

It lets you specify a search phrase and finds all documents which contain it. Other tools only search by file names. File Content Finder inspects the actual file contents and supports most common document formats - pdf, doc(x), xls(x), rtf, text files, and many others. It can even search in your scanned documents (png and jpeg files).

File Content Finder works out of the box and does not index your files. It has advanced filtering capabilities so you can optimise your search and quickly find the right document. Multiple scripts like Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese and others are supported out of the box.


Our latest product TextQ is an offline tool for data analysis.

It allows you to import big CSV files which wouldn’t normally fit in MS Excel. You can then preview the data, change columns (hide, rename, change types), query or filter the data, and export for further analysis.

TextQ offers an untuitive graphical Query Builder for data exploration. For the advanced users, TextQ offsers full SQL support.

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