Data Transformer

Transform your data into a different format!

Data Transformer is an offline desktop app for converting between popular data formats.

Do you need to send a JSON or YML file to your colleagues while your data is in a spreadsheet? Do you need to load XML or JSON files into a spreadsheet or SQL database for analytics or reporting? Data Transformer has got you covered.

It is the perfect tool to transform data from one format to the other. While the user interface is simple and intuitive, it offers a myriad of options for all situations.

Unlike most other conversion programs and websites, which send your data on the public Internet, Data Transformer keeps your data offline on your computer. On Mac, this is ensured by Apple’s sandbox - you can check the app permissions before installation and validate that the app doesn’t access the network. Hence, you can rest assured that your data stays on your computer.

Data Transformer supports the following data formats:

With Data Transformer you can either open a file with your data or directly paste/enter the input data content in the app.

Stay tuned for more demos and tutorials. Until then, feel free to email us for any inquiries.